Pärnu Raeküla Kool

Raekyla school has been operating in the beautiful environment among  the pine trees since 1991. The school gives each student the opportunity to become a versatile person who is successful in personal and social life. Accordingly there are courses in culture and sports. Any of them may but does not have to be the future profession of the school leavers. Good knowledge of robotics, ability to sing, dance and perform on the stage or sport lifestyle are additional values in life. The main focus is on practical activities. After-school activities are the addition to the curriculum. In Raeküla there are good opportunities to play sports, sing, dance, play some instrument or do something else that you like. The students  who have finished Raeküla School continue their studies successfully in the gymnasiums in Pärnu and out of Pärnu.

Webpage: raekyla.parnu.ee

Discover Pärnu: http://www.parnu.ee
Discover Estonia: http://www.visitestonia.com/en

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