Lycée Saint-Louis Lorient


Saint-Louis is a general and technical high school located in Brittany, France, with around 1 000 students aged 14 to 19. The school offers a wide range of subjects, from academic ones for the general curriculum to more specialized courses such as health, management, chemistry, physics and biotechnology for the technical curriculums. Our school programme emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving and strong study skills. In order to enhance students’ thinking, we have implemented a digital portfolio. We also want to foster our students’ well-being because we are aware that there is a strong relationship between the pupils’ health and their academic performance. Furthermore, we help our students to become open-minded citizens. We promote the international opening of our school. We have set up partnerships with some schools located in England, the US, Germany, Japan, China, India… Moreover, we actively support our students in their school guidance.

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