IES Federico Garcia Lorca

photo-2018-11-29-13-19-06Federico García Lorca Secondary School is both a secondary education and a vocational and technical school located in Churriana de la Vega, a town of 14000 inhabitants very closed to Granada. The school includes the following fields: Artistic area (drawing, physical education and music departments); Scientific and Technical area (Physics and Chemistry, Biology and Geology, Mathematics, Technology and IT departments); Social-Lingual area (Economy, Latin, Greek, French, English, Spanish, Religion, Philosophy and Geography and History departments; Vocational Training area with an agricultural department mostly dedicated to gardening and floristry and forest management, Training area and Orientation area. The school started in 1968 and nowadays there are 900 students and 71 teachers. Main courses taught at our school are Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), A levels, courses of Basic Vocational Training in Gardening and Floristry, a Technical degree in Gardening and Floristry, and a Higher Technical degree in Forest and Natural Environment Management. Participating in this project will be a great opportunity for learners and teachers to build self-confidence, to learn basic skills in order to prevent mental disorders, IT skills and accurate vocabulary. In our school we endeavour to provide our students with high quality education, to foster a peaceful and respectful atmosphere within the school community, to strengthen programmes and innovative activities which lead to an improvement on the educational offer and achievements.

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