Virtual coordinators meetings 2020-2021

The Covid-19 pandemic forced us to cancel all our project activities and mobilities after the 13th March, because schools were closed in many countries in Europe. The situation at all four partnering schools remained unstable uns unforeseeable.

To discuss further possibilities, the coordinators regularly met in online conferences:

16th November, 2020:

The coordinationg teams from IES Federico Garcia Lorca, Lycée Saint-Louis, Pärnu Raekyla Kool and Ricarda-Huch-Schule discussed and evaluated possibilities for the continuation of the project: Our request for an extension of the contract had been granted. The MIND MATTERS project would, therefore, go on until 28th February, 2021.
Now, in November, schools were open, but there were a lot of restrictions on mixed groups of students from different years/classes and also on travel, and there was the problem that almost all the students who had participated in the first year of the project and the first mobilities had, by now, graduated. We discussed the question if it made sense to continue working on the project and decided that every team should come to a conclusion until the next online conference about two weeks later.


30th November, 2020:

The coordinators met to discuss opinions on whether the project should be extended and continued or terminated. We all agreed that a continuation would be extremely difficult due to the restrictions on travel and in schools, and because of the general uncertainty of the current situation. The project would, therefore, end on the 28th February 2021.


11th January, 2021:

The ccordinating teams discussed what was left to be done before the end of the project: some outputs were missing on the project website, and the final report was coming up.
We also agreed on a next meeting in March to work on the partnership report that the coordinating team from Germany would have to submit by 30th April.


31st March, 2021:

The coordinators from all four partner schools discussed the first draft for the partnership report, so that everyone agreed on the general content. The German team would write the final draft, which would be discussed at the next online conference in April.

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