Preparatory meeting Lorient 2018

The first meeting of the project was held in Lorient (France) from 13th to 16 th November.

The coordinators of each country needed to gather to rearrange the project, to benefit from training about several software applications necessary to the project and to increase their skills about social and emotional awareness.

Romijn Basters and Swantje Taberlet, two French teachers, shared their experience about the social and emotional awareness programme carried out at Saint-Louis high school, where we try to help our students to reinforce their emotional and social skills.


The software training was shared among the partner countries.

Germany was in charge of Etwinning : Mareike Lützow and Hans Teege explained the functioning of this platform to their colleagues. This tool will be used to store and exchange the results of the works.

Marjaliisa Umb from Estonia taught WordPress, the software used for our website.

Antonio Reina and Marisa Alonso taught Kahoot, a software to create interactive quizzes. Students answer the questions with their smartphone.

As for France, Christiane Lucas Le Pogam explained the functioning of Gform, used to carry out surveys for our project.

Lucie Pietras taught Genially, a software to design interactive images in order to create some glossaries.

Laurent Valton was in charge of Canva, a tool to make infographics.


The week was very rewarding but quite intense. Therefore, the teachers implemented some good ideas given during the training. Walking in a nice area, breathing and meditating are some excellent ways of managing stress. We had a walk around the beautiful Laïta River, close to Lorient.

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