Meeting in Kiel, Germany, May 2019

The second MIND MATTERS project workshop was hosted by Ricarda-Huch-Schule in Kiel and took place from 13th to 17th May, 2019.

The guests from Spain, France and Estonia arrived on Sunday the 12th May. The French and Estonian guests were warmly welcomed by their hosts, who are all students in Year 10 at RHS. The Spanish group already knew their hosts, as they were the same Year 11 students who had been to Churriana a few weeks ago.

On Monday, the official welcome took place at the Mensa, with Mrs Held, our headmistress, welcoming the guests and some music played by the YBB (Youngster Brass Band). The 58 students then had the chance tio get to know each other by playing ice-braker games before the first working session started: The sgroup was divided into seven international groups and were given the task to analyse the survey on mental health which had been carried out at all four schools. After lunch, there was a photo safari through Kiel and in the evening the whole group went bowling at Rick´s Café.

Mrs Ina Held, the headmistress of RHS, welcomes the international guests.

The three winning pictures from the photo safari:


On Tuesday, work on the survey evaluation continued, so that each of the seven working teams was ready to present their results to the whole group before lunch.

In the afternoon, two buses took the group to Falckenstein Beach, where everyone had the chance to enjoy themselves and try out various stress-reducing activities. Stand-up paddling was greatly enjoyed by many of the boys and girls, while others played frisbee or mini-golf.

On Wednesday, there was a day-trip to Lübeck including a rallye through the city centre and a visit to the “Hansemuseum”.


On Thursday morning, unfamiliar sounds could be heard in the Mensa: 58 students practising songs in the four different nations´languages. Every group had been asked to choose a song in their native language and was now asked to teach the other students to sing it. At 9:45, Ms Lützow held a lesson on social media as a cause of stress. After so much time in the classroom, it was time to get up and move: Everyone had the chance to try out either yoga or deepwork, the latter being a functional workout including relaxation techniques. At 12:00 the group assembled for lunch, exhausted, but relaxed. The day then continued with some more sports: International teams competed in different ball sports, supervised by Mr Teege.

On Friday morning it was time to develop strategies how to cope with stressful everyday situations – or how to help people around you who suffer from stress. For this, the students once again worked in small international teams and presented role plays of different stressful situations to the whole group and discussed possible coping strategies and solutions. The working day at school was rather short today: After lunch, everyone went home to prepare some food for the farewell-party in the evening.

At 19:00 everyone was at the Mensa again to celebrate the ending of a busy and eventful week in Kiel. Apart from the 58 students, there were also a lot of host parents and siblings. The highlight of the party were the four karaoke-songs which the students had practised the day before!

On Saturday morning, it was time to say goodbye as each of the three groups of guests got on their buses or taxis to Hamburg Airport. Hästi, näeme varsti! Adiós te veo pronto! Au revoir, à bientot! or simply: Bye, see you soon!

The German team says thank you to the guests from Spain, France and Estonia for a nice and eventful week! We are looking forward to the upcoming project workshops next year!

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